Best Money Tips: Avoid These Common Mistakes After a Car Accident

Welcome to Wise Bread’s Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found articles on mistakes to avoid if you’re in a car accident, how to win a bidding war for a house, and proven ways to cut costs for your small business.

Top 5 Articles

3 Common Mistakes to Avoid If You’re Involved in a Car Accident — It’s important to get medication attention even if you feel fine after an accident. Thanks to the adrenaline rush, you may not feel pain or experience other symptoms right away. [Free Money Finance]

House Hunting: How to Win a Bidding War — In a tight housing market where you’ll be bidding against multiple offers on a property, go in with your strongest offer. [The Allstate Blog]

5 Proven Ways to Cut Costs For Your Small Business — You can save a lot on paper costs by moving to digital files. [Due]

130 Ways to Save Money and Still Have the Wedding of Your Dreams — Stick to standard sizes for your wedding invitations. The USPS will charge extra for irregularly-sized or decorated envelopes. [PopSugar Smart Living]

Getting More for Less: Making Your Vacation Budget Go Further — Plan some trips during your vacation to simply enjoy the outdoors without spending any money. Explore the local parks and open spaces. [Shopping Kim]

Other Essential Reading

5 Unmistakable Qualities All Entrepreneurs Possess — The most important trait needed to succeed in business and life in general is self-discipline. [Stack The Chips]

How to Help Reduce Monthly Expenses — Avoid paying full price for anything. Look for discounts, coupons, Groupon deals, or even cash back. [Money Spruce]

33 Ways Your Brain Tricks You — Your brain may not be as rational or logical as it thinks it is! [A Daring Adventure]

How to Keep Your Dog Happy in the Car — Whether you’re taking a short drive to the vet or a longer road trip, it’s important to know how to keep your dog safe and comfortable in the car. [Minting Nickels]

6 Key Reasons Why People With Good Credit Are Turned Down For a Loan — Accumulating debt at a rapid pace doesn’t look good to banks. Some banks may see it as a possible indicator of future bankruptcy. [SuperMoney!]