Best Money Tips: How to Make Sure Your Career Doesn’t Kill You

Welcome to Wise Bread’s Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found articles on how to make sure your career doesn’t kill you, tips to change your life, and hobbies for people who love to be alone.

Top 5 Articles

How To Make Sure Your Career Doesn’t Kill You — It’s difficult to avoid work stress completely, so make sure you have some coping mechanisms to help you deal with stressful times. [brokeGIRLrich]

4 Tips  to Change Your Life This Spring — Changing your life starts with changing how you think. Certain mindsets help you move forward while others hold you back. [Change Your Thoughts]

22 Hobbies For People Who Really Love to Be Alone — There are many benefits to solo hobbies, especially if you’re an introvert. [PopSugar Smart Living]

Let’s Talk Money, Baby: Fitting Baby into Our Budget — Before you set a price point the budget, figure out what your baby actually needs and which options work best. [She Picks Up Pennies]

How to Make Money from Your Unique Expertise — No matter what skills or knowledge you want to monetize, make sure you’re dedicated to and passionate about the subject. [Centsibly Rich]

Other Essential Reading

Bank Owned Homes: Should You Buy A Foreclosed Property? — Buying a bank owned home requires you to jump through a few extra hoops, but the savings can be well worth the hassle. [Money Under 30]

15 Simple Steps for Easily Spring Cleaning Your Bathroom — Toss your shower curtain and liner into the wash with your towels and bath mats. The towels will help scour any built-up soap scum, mildew, or mold during the washing cycle. [Smart Money Simple Life]

Autonomous vehicles break ground in construction industry — A San Francisco startup is developing technology to allow bulldozers, excavators, and other construction vehicles to operate themselves. [The Christian Science Monitor]

How To Order Your Wedding Dress Online to Save Hundreds — Ask the online dress company for detailed, up-close photos of each part of the dress so you can get a better sense of how the fabric looks. [Frugal Beautiful]

15 Ways to Invest $10,000 — You can spend $10,000 on a lot of things, but if you want to grow your wealth, your best bet is to invest it. [Good Financial Cents]