Best Money Tips: Reasons Why Your Grocery Bill Is Too High

Welcome to Wise Bread’s Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found articles on reasons why your grocery bill is too high, car-care myths to leave in the dust, and how to have a beautiful yard on a shoestring budget.

Top 5 Articles

7 Reasons Your Grocery Bill is Too High — Any of these common mistakes can cause your grocery bill to be higher than it should be. [The Frugal Girl]

6 Car-Care Myths That Need to Die — Some nuggets of car-care wisdom are now outdated. Find out which ones should be tossed out the window and what you should do instead. [Kiplinger]

How To Have A Beautiful Yard On A Shoestring Budget — Get better ROI by investing in plants and projects that give back! For starters, you can grow edible plants and install solar lights. [Love to Frugal]

Secrets Of Success: How To Work From Home — Working from home has many benefits, but you should consider a few important things before you switch to the home-office life. [Frugal Wiz]

How to Deal with Lifestyle Inflation: The Other Sneaky Thief — When you have more money at your disposal, it’s easy to give in to lifestyle inflation without even realizing it. Keep that demon at arm’s length by reminding yourself of these truths. [Frugal in Singapore]

Other Essential Reading

6 Things That Help Make a Person Truly Happy — While happiness differs from one person to the next, there are a few basic things that we all need to be content in our lives. [PopSugar Smart Living]

Road Trip Must Haves For Easy Entertainment With Young Kids — Going on a road trip? Going on a road trip with kids? Don’t forget to pack car-friendly activities (and snacks!) to keep the little ones entertained during the drive. [The Organized Mama]

5 Best Money Moves to Make When You Graduate from College — Handling your own finances after college can be scary, but you only need to make a few basic moves to set yourself up for financial stability. [Frugal Rules]

Try These 2 Ridiculously Easy Hacks For A Healthier Garden! — Gardening takes a lot of work and patience, so it can be really frustrating for beginners when their garden doesn’t flourish. However, these easy tips can give your garden the boost it needs to grow and grow!  [Pampered Chicken Mama]

Turn Your Home into an Energy-Efficient Haven — You shouldn’t have to pay a premium to make your home comfortable. If you’ve noticed that your energy bills are on the rise, these steps can help you bring them down without sacrificing comfort. [Penniless Parenting]