Best Money Tips: Ways to Go to College for Free

Welcome to Wise Bread’s Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found articles on ways to go to college for free, money mistakes that people make more than once, and ways to save on a vacation rental.

Top 5 Articles

7 Ways to Go to College for Free — Your employer (or future employer) may offer tuition reimbursement programs, especially if your area of study is related to their industry. [SeedTime]

20 Money Saving Mistakes People Always Make More than Once — Bartering is a great way to save money, but don’t barter with someone who seems to never hold up their end of the deal. [SheBudgets]

4 Ways to Save Big on a Vacation Rental — Consider the cost of the amenities that you will (or won’t) be using during your vacation. [Shopping Kim]

3 Things to Consider When Buying a Rental Property — Use the One Percent Rule to figure out how much you need to charge in monthly rent in order to over the mortgage payment. [Wall Street Survivor]

6 midyear tax moves to make this July — Set up a bunching strategy to make sure you have enough qualified expenses to meet some of the itemized deduction thresholds. [Don’t Mess With Taxes]

Other Essential Reading

4 Ways to Recharge When Your Job Feels 24/7 — Structure your week to include time for all the important things in your life. [PopSugar Smart Living]

5 Alternate Materials to Use in Your House to Save Money — Metal roofing may cost more upfront, but it’s one of the most durable and long-lasting options to cover your house, allowing you to save on repairs and energy expenses. [Frugal Village]

How Being Organized Can Save Time and Money — Being organized makes it easier to stay on top of the nitty-gritty details, like paying bills on time or doing regular maintenance on parts of your home or car. [Nature Moms Blog]

Financial Tips For Preparing For Big Future Purchases — Avoid luxury purchases. That money would be better spent on something you actually need. [Free Money Wisdom]

How Retailers Use Data To Get You To Spend More — Retailers are able to track your location once you connect to their in-store Wi-Fi. [Save The Bills]