Earn Cash Back on Almost Every Purchase: Wells Fargo Cash Wise Visa Card Review

Wells Fargo offers a line of credit cards that provide valuable benefits and rewards, including the Wells Fargo Cash Wise Visa® Card which provides a flat cash back percentage for virtually any purchase. (See also: 5 Best Cash Back Credit Cards)

How This Card Works

This card awards 1.5% cash back on almost every purchase. You can earn an unlimited amount of cash back, which does not expire. 

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You can redeem your cash rewards into a Wells Fargo savings or checking account or as a statement credit.

Other Benefits

Cellular telephone protection. If you use your card to pay your cell phone bill, you get cellular telephone protection that comes with a maximum benefit limit of $600 per occurrence and a maximum of two claims per 12-month period. The cellular phone protection covers your primary line as well as up to the first three additional lines, against stolen or damaged cell phones. This protection is subject to a $25 deductible per claim.

GoFar™ Rewards program. This program includes Cash Track, an online tool, which allows you to set a cash redemption target and monitor your progress. The GoFar™ Rewards program also provides a variety of options for redeeming your cash rewards including travel, gift cards, merchandise, and digital downloads. This program also offers auction opportunities for bidding on rewards for unique items and experiences.


  • $0 Annual Fee
  • 13.99%-25.99% Variable APR 
  • 5% Balance Transfer Fee (minimum $5)
  • 3% Foreign Transaction Fee


No bonus categories. The flat rate rewards are convenient and simple, but if your spending falls primarily into specific categories, you could earn more rewards with other cards. Consider cards that offer higher rewards for grocery purchases, for example, if you spend a lot at supermarkets. 

Foreign transaction fee. If you frequently travel outside of the United States, this isn’t a card you want to use for those purchases because of the foreign transaction fee. For foreign purchases, it’s best to use a card with no foreign transaction fees instead. (See also: Credit Cards with No Foreign Transaction Fees)

Who This Card Is Best For

This card is best for those whose spending varies from month to month and for those who prefer to earn flat rate rewards for purchases rather than dealing with changing categories. It is also ideal to for anyone looking to get cell phone protection, and can pay their monthly cell phone bills with the card.