Flashback Friday: 52 Things You Need to Know About Hosting on Airbnb

So you’re looking to make some extra cash, and you realize you have the perfect house or apartment to list on Airbnb. It seems like an easy way to earn money, and many people earn enough to cover their rent or mortgage payments. However, there are many things to consider before opening your home up to strangers as a potential side gig. Here’s everything to keep in mind before taking that step.

5 Easy Ways to Make Good Money From Airbnb — Think about the entire process from the customer’s point of view. What would make your listing stand out among the rest? Taking professional photos, including personal touches in decor, and offering added services require minimal effort in exchange for big bucks.

13 Things I Learned From Renting Out My Home on Airbnb — Learn from the personal experiences of others. Sometimes the money is totally worth the nonstop cleaning and worrying about getting good reviews. Sometimes it isn’t. Seek out honest reviews like this one to understand exactly what you’ll face.

5 Cities Where Airbnb Is Way Cheaper Than a Hotel — Understand the market. What are hotels charging in your area? Do you have a second home to rent in a more desirable location where Airbnb might be the cheapest option? Local hotels are also your competitors, so research what they’re offering before setting your price point.

What to Do About a Terrible Airbnb Stay — You can’t please everyone, and you might run into some unhappy guests. Learn what their rights are compared to yours, and how negative feedback is handled.

5 Costly Pitfalls of Hosting on Airbnb — As an Airbnb host, there are some costs that will come out of your wallet. Before you create your listing and start accepting guests, make sure your budget can accommodate those expenses.

This Is How You Rent Your Place on Airbnb — and Succeed — Airbnb has been around for years, so there are many people who have learned the ins and outs of hosting, and now know how to do it right. This is one of them. Learn from their mistakes, and heed their expert advice.